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Programmable Cooling Device

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Programmable Cooling Device

A PA programmable cooling device, also known as a programmable cryopreservation system, is a type of programmable cooling apparatus widely utilized in various fields. It is used for the cryopreservation of embryos, long-term storage of umbilical cord blood in cord blood banks, cryopreservation of hematopoietic stem cells and bone marrow for leukemia patient transplants, research and treatment of cancerous tumor cells, as well as cryopreservation and transplantation of heart valves and corneas.

The performance of the PA programmable cooling device is achieved through microcomputer control technology and proprietary software developed by the system itself. It can accurately control the release of liquid nitrogen, thereby ensuring that the biological products being frozen are cooled at an appropriate freezing rate. The instrument is easy to operate, with a clear human-machine interface.

During the cooling process in the PA cryopreservation, when biological samples transition from liquid to solid, there is a phase change during which a certain amount of heat is released, causing the temperature to rise. Without controlling the cooling rate, the freezing process can lead to cell and tissue damage. The PA programmable cooling device accurately determines the phase transition point of biological samples, programs a cooling process using a microcomputer, and increases the input of liquid nitrogen during the sample’s phase transition. This overcomes the rise in temperature during the phase transition, ensuring the safe and rapid passage of cells through this critical phase, which is a key factor in improving the viability of frozen samples.

Key technical parameters of the PA programmable cooling device include:

Temperature control range: -40°C to -180°C.
Temperature accuracy: Error < 0.5°C.
Cooling rate: Selectable within the range of 0.1°C/min to 50°C/min.
Heating rate: Selectable within the range of 0.1°C/min to 30°C/min.
System functions:

1.Display function.

2.Programming function.

3.Operation control function.

4.Data processing function.

5.System upgrade function.


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