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Industrial Chiller

Our industrial chiller units are manufactured using advanced production processes, offering exceptional quality, compact structure, and an attractive appearance. They are widely used in industries such as plastics, electroplating, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, laser cooling, ultrasonic cooling, printing, and more. These chiller units are capable of precisely controlling the temperature required for modern industrial machinery production, thereby enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

Characteristics of the unit:

1.The compressor uses brands such as Japanese DAKIN or American COPELAND, known for low noise, energy efficiency, and durability.
2.Air-cooled units use aluminum fin-type condensers, while water-cooled units use shell and tube condensers.
3.Stainless steel pump body is available for customers to choose from, eliminating secondary pollution.
4.Full stainless steel water tank-type evaporator with built-in automatic water replenishment device.
5.It employs a microcomputer digital temperature controller for integrated and user-friendly operation, offering high control precision.
6.The unit is equipped with various safety protection devices, including phase loss protection, motor overload protection, high and low-pressure protection, low-temperature protection, etc.
7.It features an aesthetically pleasing and convenient-to-move cabinet structure.

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