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Layered Cold Storage Type 2

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Layered Cold Storage Stainless Steel Standard Type CX-2

Technical Performance

Model Number: TF-CX-2 (Stainless Steel) Standard Type 2
Temperature Range: 2°C-8°C
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
Internal Volume: 1230 Liters
Internal Dimensions: 1200×665×1500mm
External Dimensions: 1310×765×1950mm
Shelf Specifications: 620×500mm

System Configuration

No. Components Brand Origin
1 Compressor Danfoss Denmark
2 Ceiling Fan Tianfeng Shanghai
Temperature Control Tianfeng Shanghai
3 Fan EBM Germany

Main Features

1. Imported refrigeration compressor, reliable operation, low noise.
2. Air-cooled heat dissipation, no need for water cooling.
3. Spacious cabinet interior, convenient for chromatographic operations.
4.Can be used for sample refrigeration and storage without chromatographic experiments; versatile.
5. Full-transparency double-layer glass door with anti-fog function.
6. All stainless steel interior, easy to clean, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant.
7. Two fixed pillars for chromatography, two open load-bearing trays.
8. Equipped with lighting, disinfection lamp, upper and lower internal power sockets.
9.Upgraded intelligent temperature control instrument, digital temperature setting and measurement.
10. Built-in temperature difference alarm function.
11. Equipped with casters for easy mobility.
12. Easy operation, suitable for 24-hour continuous long-term operation.


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