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EMCC has been delivering custom process equipment, process development services, and service support to companies internationally for over 20 years.

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Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd (EMCC)  specializes in the complete production process of refrigeration equipment, including research and development, manufacturing, and sales, with a commitment to providing high-quality refrigeration solutions.Our mission is to contribute to human progress and development by providing efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment across various industries worldwide through innovative freeze-drying technology.

Our company is also one of the largest suppliers of processing technology for food industry  in China. We focus on process technology and machinery for sophisticated production processes. Our freeze drying machines have been exported to many countries, our market and technology leader in its business areas.

Our team have supported many food engineering projects both domestically and abroad, our products have been exported to USA, Canada, Germany, Russia,Netherland, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Chile, Nigeria etc.

Enterprise Culture : In the process of development in recent years, EMCC has formed a unique corporate culture with rich connotation. As the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises, the evolution of corporate culture has become the core point of corporate cohesion and centripetal force.

The essence of EMCC corporate culture mainly consists of three parts: brand concept, service concept, EMCC goals and outlook.

EMCC Brand Concept: Committed to becoming your most devoted partner.

EMCC Service Concept: Committed to quantifying intangible services and making them a powerful tool to enhance the customer satisfaction of our company in general. We shall also achieve the service goal of ‘satisfying every customer’ in a transparent and efficient way.

EMCC goals and prospects: Make EMCC full of enthusiasm and joy. Innovation and research first.


Our diverse engineering capabilities are backed by an extensive staff of chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers.
Perfect after-sales service system and all-round service network are the guarantee of Shanghai Exceed industry to provide quality services. We company promotes product sales, technical service, hotline, promotion and after-sales service mainly by customer service department as complementary platform and by all levels service personnel of dealer.


I. “Sunflowers” service rules
1. In the spirit of “dedication to be your satisfied partner “, EMCC relies on the superb technology, quality service attitude for servicing customers. Every staff should actively deal with customer complaints, service with a smile, and polite reception.
2. Upon receipt of a customer complaint, we should strictly follow the procedures, deal with it promptly, and respond to customers within 48 hours.
3. If encountering disputes, according to terms of the contract, the specialist is responsible for the coordination. When we encounter such cases where losses are caused by dispute with customers and absent service, we should be in accordance with the principle of “first solving the problem, and then pursuing accountability”, thus enabling customers to minimize losses.
4. Actively deal with objections about the sold products, draw objections treatment programs and follow up inspection staff to deal with objections timeliness.
5. Technical training for customers, keep track of aftermarket products, to provide customers with consulting services at any time.
6. Build customer profiles and track it.
(1) Hot line daily information and its dealing should be registered in detail and taken care of.
(2) Build customer profiles; Have a master of the equipment use location, operating conditions, return visit time, and contact way; Learn more details about installation time, test condition, the installation, commissioning personnel, and maintenance records;
(3) Should promptly notify the owner of equipment if warranty period has expired; and regularly inform the details of equipment maintenance;
(4) Statistical analysis of product quality and service problems, and to improve the quality of service.

II. As for customer complaints caused by non-quality, account manager should be with service personnel together, aim at the damage caused by human factors, analyze, interpret, make up and repair damaged parts, and provide guidance and training for the equipment operator.


1. We guarantee that the commodity hereof is made of the best materials and new brand with top workmanship, and in accordance with quality specification stipulated in product Contract and Appendix.
2. Guarantee period shall be within 12 months from the date of acceptance. During this period, if there are quality problems, we will provide solution by verbal or written communication. If the problem is unsolved, our engineers will repair for you on site as soon as possible. The maintenance is free when there are non-operation errors; otherwise it is for the buyer’s account.

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